Ordeal by Fire

Rita Nayar

On Thursday May 22, 1997, a night of the full moon, a brutal act and a raging fire forever changed the lives of an Indian family in a Toronto suburb. 

Born in Rajasthan, India, Rita leaves her native country to live with her diplomat father in exotic places abroad. Her innocent, happy, and sheltered childhood comes to an end with her marriage.  Shock and horror follow, for the union is violently abusive. The couple move to England, then to Canada, where the outcome is breakup, then the tragedy of a murder-suicide. 

“Nayar has the reader’s full sympathy, for her story is achingly sad.”
Vancouver Sun

Rita Nayar has a university degree in psychology and a teaching certificate from the University of Sheffield, England.  A senior corporate professional in Toronto, she is also an artist and a poet. She has written her memoir, Ordeal by Fire, for the thousands of men and women who, through a twist of fate, have found themselves in tragic and unforgiving circumstances, and are desperate to free themselves from a hopeless and dead future.  

Paperback ISBN:  978-1-894770-10-1 
160 pages
Publication Date:  2003

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